When we received this from a contributor, we thought someone was playing games with us; surely someone leaving a post of leadership would understand what leadership involved. In the case of our past president AG, however, apparently that’s not the case.

“Free at last”? Please, we understood that you were paid in excess of $200,000 a year and Girard provided free housing for your use. Are you trying to tell us that you were held in servitude against your will? We were also told that you applied for the position and in doing so claimed it was the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. Was that not true either? We were also told that you felt in spite of your limited credentials, your skill set would enable you to raise needed funds for Girard that would allay the financial problems the school was experiencing. We guess that too was misstated.

In any case Autumn, it appears your departure from Girard pleases everyone, including yourself. We’re not going to continue on about all the reasons we’re happy to see you go. Let’s just say that we hope your next position is better suited to your qualifications.

Ahummersview welcomes the change in Girard’s leadership